Friday, November 5, 2010

Morpheus and the Lizards

Hi! My name is Morpheus. I am at Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougar Class. Mrs. Abernethy has lots of pets. She lives on a farm.o She has a lot of pets at school to. She has a ferret and three lizards. I like to play with the lizards. Their names are Lightning, Tornado, and Thunder. We like to pose for pitcures with Creative Cougar. The Creative Cougars take good care of the lizards. Some of the people that take care of them are Jonna, Sierra, Suzy, Lisbeth, Hayli, and Jayda. They take very good care and let the lizards pose for pictures. I have met three great friends in my adventure at Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougars Class.

By: Suzy

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