Friday, November 19, 2010

Class Election

Hi! I'm Morpheus and I am here to talk about the Class Election. At the Class Election the final two competitors in the election are Josh and Lexi. You only get to vote for who you want to win. You get a sticker so people know you have already voted. When you are elected to win you have a vice president which helps you if you are sick or can't work and they will cover for you. Well, we have the results and the winner is... Josh congratulations!! Josh got to choose who his vice president is and it is Lexi his opponent. OK I guess that's it. By: Corey


  1. Hi I'm Corey and I made this Blog about the Class Election. All I was talking about our final two competitors were Josh and Lexi. Also I talked about Josh winning and him choosing his opponent Lexi to be his vice president well bye.

  2. Hi my is Rachael and I will be telling you about our class election. The reason I am telling you about our class election is because one of my best friends Lexi is in the top 2.Even though Lexi didn't win she still got to be vice president!!!