Thursday, November 18, 2010

Greenville News 11/18

1. Pittsburgh Penguins beat Vancouver Canucks 3-1. By: Jamin
2. Nancy Pelosi, a house representative, (a democrat) was made house leader. Republicans wonder why. By: Ava
3. Cigarette companies are starting to put graphic warnings on their cigarette packs to get people to quit smoking. By: Lisbeth
4. Jamestown Cub Scout pack and the girl scouts put flags in the Parklawn Cemetery on Veteran's Day. By: Hayli
5. Steeler's kicker Jeff Reed gets cut and replaced by the Cowboys kicker, Suisham. By: Tyler
6. A dairy farm fire killed 22 cows and is being investigated by state police fire marshal. By: Corey
7. Commodore Perry High School conducts a stream study at Little Shenango in Hadley. By: Cheyanne
8. GM threw a big party two years ago for its 100th birthday. By: Jayda
9. Brown's fans are starting to boo their player, Eric Wright, and want him to be either benched or kicked off the team. By: Deacon
10. Barack Obama struggles to save the nuclear weapons treaty in Russia. By: Josh
11. Steelers, wide receiver Heinz Ward is going to play on Sunday. By: Carter
12. Ohio State is trying to get a better early start on their games. By: Logan
13. Jamestown high school students are having a contest for whoever writes the best paragraph about what they would do with $250 to help people. By: Lexi
14. House democrats elected Nancy Pelosi to remain as the house leader. By: Rachael
15. Reynold's High School students served at an election poll. By: Keith
16. NFL Player's Association wants two bye weeks and bigger rosters. By: Canyon
17. Jamestown is having a light parade and float contest on Saturday, November 20 at 6:00. By: Michael
18. The FDA warns companies that make energy drinks that the caffeine mixed with the alcohol college students are drinking is unsafe and they may seize the companies and make them stop making the drinks. By: Ashley
19. On October 20, eleven students from Reynold's High School were trained to work at the polls at Mercer County Court House. By: Sierra

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