Friday, November 5, 2010

Morpheus and the Creative Cougars

Hi this is Morpheus and I'm here with Lexi. She introduced me to the Creative Cougars. They are so cool. They had their class election a few days ago. I like Creative Cougar. He is a stuffed cougar. He is one of my close friends, but the Creative Cougars are my friends too. They take lots of pictures of me. I like it, because I feel so famous. They did a great job for red ribbon week. We did so many cool things. They even have a website called . You can go there and even check it out because it is really cool. It has different kinds of websites on it. They are fun and you do work at the same time. You can go to that website if you just click on it. I am going to miss them a lot when I have to leave. I hope they will miss me too. I am sure they will miss me a lot, because they did so many fun things with me.
By: Lexi

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