Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bill of Rights

Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougars make their first Lodge video!!! Be sure to check out their Constitution Wikispace where they provide interpretation for all of the rights and amendments.

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Little Subset

Mrs. Abernethy's Calculating Cougars post their first Lodge video of the year!

Also shown on our We Love Lodge Blog.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Greenville News 12/2/10

1. Cleveland Browns, Colt McCoy, suffered a high ankle sprain November 21 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. by: Corey
2. Santa Claus went to a first grade class in Commodore Perry and gave out candy canes. By: Michael
3. Cleveland Cavaliers Moe Williams cannot wait for LeBron James to come play at Cleveland as a member of the Miami Heat team. By: Tyler
4. Sandy Lake Council approved the 2011 budget. They had a meeting Wednesday and they were talking about their other problems, like water sources. By: Sierra
5. Greenville Steel Drum Band played music at the Greenville Library. By: Lisbeth
6. Mercy County commissioners are going to approve a three year multi-million dollar contract for health care at the Mercer County Jail. By: Jonna
7. R. J. Reynolds is being asked to stop their campaign for camel cigarettes, because it appeals to young people. By: Cheyanne
8. Susan asked Sara Noel, if the recipe calls for coffee what can she substitute. Sara Noel answered: water, ovaltine, or hot cocoa. By Suzy
9. The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed right hander Fernando Nieve, infielder Andy Marte and catcher Dusty Brown to minor league contracts. By: Canyon
10. Greenville High school students in a creative class made a Thanksgiving feast. By: Jamin
11. Avalon Nursing Home had their sixth annual festival of lights. By: Paul
12. Cleveland Browns Peyton Hillis has emerged as their new offense. By Josh
13. Heisman trophy favorite Cam Newton won't be punished for pay-for-play scheme. By: Kristian
14. Today's weather: Snow flurries; Mid high is in the thirties. Tonight will be in the twenties. By: Hayli
15. In Pittsburgh, schools have been delayed because snow and rain is causing floods. By: Ashley