Friday, November 5, 2010

Greenville News 11/4

1. There will be a Craft and Bake Sale on Friday, November 12 from 10 am to 4 pm. It's at 339 East Jamestown Road. It's for St. Paul's Continuing Care Community. By: Jayda
2. There may be an endangered rattle snake on a bridge in Perry Township. By: Lisbeth
3. The Pittsburgh Penguins lost to the Dallas Stars (5-2). By: Jamin
4. Troy Polamolu blames himself for losing to the Saints. He says he can play better. By: Brenden
5.A volcano erupted in Indonesia. 70,000 people were forced from their homes. By: Josh and Ava
6. The first NASCAR race is on Saturday. . By: Austin
7. Commodore Perry students are preparing for academic competitions in November, December and January. By: Cheyanne.
8. Colton McCoy is going to be the starter for the Browns on Sunday. By: Carter
9. The Tennessee Titans claim wide receiver Randy Moss. By: Brenden
10. The Buffalo Bills claim Shawn Merriman off waivers. By: Tyler

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