Monday, February 14, 2011

Glogster Rocks!

Mrs. Abernethy went to Hershey to present "21st Century Learning with the Creative Cougars" at the Discovery Education Preconference Day of Discovery. Some of the creative cougars skyped in to answer questions from the audience. They were so excited to meet "Glogster Guy" and he enjoyed meeting them, too. He even sent these awesome shirts home! The Creative Cougars love Glogster even more now!


  1. Gloster is an amazing site to use when you need a project done. It was sooo cool meeting Gloster dude!!!!!! We loved the shirts. We skped with them and asked us questions. I love Gloster!!!!

    By: Ava

  2. I really want to thank the Glogster Guy for the shirt. He is an awesome guy! I love using glogster. Thank you Glogster Guy for making glogster.

    By: Hayli