Thursday, December 2, 2010

Greenville News 12/2/10

1. Cleveland Browns, Colt McCoy, suffered a high ankle sprain November 21 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. by: Corey
2. Santa Claus went to a first grade class in Commodore Perry and gave out candy canes. By: Michael
3. Cleveland Cavaliers Moe Williams cannot wait for LeBron James to come play at Cleveland as a member of the Miami Heat team. By: Tyler
4. Sandy Lake Council approved the 2011 budget. They had a meeting Wednesday and they were talking about their other problems, like water sources. By: Sierra
5. Greenville Steel Drum Band played music at the Greenville Library. By: Lisbeth
6. Mercy County commissioners are going to approve a three year multi-million dollar contract for health care at the Mercer County Jail. By: Jonna
7. R. J. Reynolds is being asked to stop their campaign for camel cigarettes, because it appeals to young people. By: Cheyanne
8. Susan asked Sara Noel, if the recipe calls for coffee what can she substitute. Sara Noel answered: water, ovaltine, or hot cocoa. By Suzy
9. The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed right hander Fernando Nieve, infielder Andy Marte and catcher Dusty Brown to minor league contracts. By: Canyon
10. Greenville High school students in a creative class made a Thanksgiving feast. By: Jamin
11. Avalon Nursing Home had their sixth annual festival of lights. By: Paul
12. Cleveland Browns Peyton Hillis has emerged as their new offense. By Josh
13. Heisman trophy favorite Cam Newton won't be punished for pay-for-play scheme. By: Kristian
14. Today's weather: Snow flurries; Mid high is in the thirties. Tonight will be in the twenties. By: Hayli
15. In Pittsburgh, schools have been delayed because snow and rain is causing floods. By: Ashley

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