Friday, October 15, 2010

Greenville News 10/15

Today in the Greenville Record Argus:

1. Commodore Perry Joshua Forbbes reaches and stops Hickory's try for the game winning goal. By: Corey
2. The last of the 33 Chilean miners were brought up from underground. By: Logan
3. Will rookie Colt McCoy get to start for the Browns? By: Josh
4. Former Greenville high school football player, Phil Matusz, went to the white house and shook hands with Barack Obama. By: Keith
5. Linda Canada gave tips on how to keep vegetables fresh. One idea is to dip celery into ice cold water and it will be crunchier. By: Lisbeth
6. Greenville water line will cost up to $28,000. By: Carter and Austin
7. Rachael Elizabeth Britton celebrated her third birthday yesterday! By: Brenden
8. Slippery Rock Academic games kicked off on Wednesday. By: Jonna
9. In New York three people stole I.D.'s from 25 hospitals in different cities and they got caught! By: Michael
10. William J. Hunt of Ohio, 68 years old, died. By: Jayda
11. Staff and students at Reynolds had a pink day to support breast cancer awareness month. By: Hayli
12. The stock DOW went up 76 points. By: Brenden

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